Top 3 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Hey, Ben Hanbridge here.

Over the past 10 years of working with women and helping them get in shape there’s a lot of common mistakes I see people make. And today I want to share the top 3 of them with you.

Mistake #1 – Tracking Progress In The Complete WRONG Way

The most popular ‘tool’ people use to track progress is usually the scales.

I’ll usually recommend thats the first thing to go in the bin. Even before the unhealthy food does.


To put it simply it can MASSIVELY jeopardise your success.

Because your weight is made up of lots of different things. Not just fat. Its also made up of Water (around 60% or so), muscle, skin, hair, bones, nails… you get the idea, right?

So its really inaccurate to go off weight alone. I often have clients drop a clothes size when working with me without their weight changing at all.

I’ve even had clients drop 2 sizes but only drop a few pounds. If they were going off scale weight they would have given up long before getting any of those results.

The opposite can happen too.. and you can drop weight on the scales but your body stays the same. This is mainly due to water content. You can drop a few pounds of water through dehydration or exercise and your bodyweight will drop but you won’t look any different. Its just false feedback.

The key ways I recommend tracking results are as follows:

  1. Pictures – they don’t lie. One from the front and one from the size. You can see your exact changes in your body then.
  2. Clothes fittings – jeans are a great way to do this. You can tell if they are getting loser or not.
  3. How you feel – this is really important too. Are you getting fitter? Do you feel stronger? Do you feel more confident? More energy levels?

So, use those three things to track progress and you’re good to go.

Mistake #2 – Eating BORING Food

Let’s be honest here… The main reasons people fall off track with their nutrition is because unhealthy food tastes nice and isn’t boring, right?

So, the trick is to make your healthy food interesting and taste nice. Because if you enjoy eating healthy then its MUCH easier to stay on the wagon, right?

Plus it then becomes part of a long-term lifestyle change and not just a short term faddy diet thats not good for your health and where you then go on to gain all the weight back on.

Its what I teach all of my clients and one of the key things of our 8 week programme that you can do from home. Because nutrition is 70-80% of results and then the exercise boosts that and helps to work and tone the right muscles along side a solid nutrition foundation.

Here’s a few pictures that my clients have posted in our private support group:

Healthy Chocolate Brownies

Healthy Chocolate Brownies – Great healthy treat (all healthy ingredients)


Badass Salad

Badass Salad


Turkey/Chicken Pizza

Turkey/Chicken Pizza


Side Salsa

Side Salsa





Banana loaf with added walnuts

Banana loaf with added walnuts


Chicken bol with courgette spaghetti

Chicken bol with courgette spaghetti

You get the idea, we have hundreds of these pictures our clients share with everybody for ideas. So you see, food doesn’t have to be boring to be healthy.

Mistake #3 – Going at it alone

Lastly, the third mistake I see people make is trying to ‘going at it alone’.

Which likely means they aren’t following a proven plan either. Just making it up as they go along. Without any accountability or support.

The easiest way to not go at it alone is to do it with a friend. So you can keep each other accountable and stay on track and support each other.

Its one of the reasons I love bringing people together in groups to get results. Because all the women on my online programme help each other stay on track and keep accountable with their journey.

So, find a support group of like-minded people who can help keep you on track. Or at least a supportive friend to start your journey with.

So, there you have it! My top 3 common weight loss mistakes I see people make every single day.

Thanks for reading, but make sure you take action on your goals because information DOES NOT equal transformation.

Taking action and moving towards your goal does though.

Speak soon

Ben Hanbridge

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