This Actually Made Me LOL

I was watching a video the other day on Flakebook.

It was some weird video about ways you can die with each letter of the alphabet or something.

About stuff from A-Z which is bad for you.

I watched about 20 seconds of it then switched off. I have got a SUPER short attention span.

I clicked on over to the comments and one of them cracked me up.

It was about a conversation i’ve had with people before, about finding the balance between enjoying life and eating/drinking what you want… and then on the flip side eating good for results/health.

Here’s the comment:

“This is why I did not care about all the foods, the sugar intakes that I had.

I’ll eat every fast food there is, every slice of cake and pizza and everything, just to make sure I enjoy every bit of my life.

UPDATE After 5 years : I have diabetes.”

I LOL’d.

Now, obviously this guy put this comment as a joke. It wasn’t actually true.

But it pokes a bit of fun at the people who have the “don’t give a crap about my health and enjoy my life” crew.

My opinion is that you need to find a balance you’re happy with. One that can get you results without being painfully boring and leading you to not enjoy things.

Nutrition is a key part of getting results, energy levels and HEALTH.

Same with training.

So you have to find that balance.

Let me know your thoughts.

Speak soon

Ben Hanbridge

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