Result or EXCUSE?

When you’re chasing a goal you either get one of two things..

A result.

Or an excuse as to WHY you didn’t.

Of course, like anything, there’s always the exception to the rule.

Some people might have a legit reason.

But thats like 0.01% of the time.

You know, like a life changing illness or big long-term problem with something.

But more often than not.. most people who think they have a ‘reason’ really have an excuse in disguise.

For example…

A lack of time.

A lack of money.

A lack of gym membership.

A lack of equipment.


All bullshit excuses.

Not just regular excuses.

But full on, BS ones.

See, you can get great results without needing tons of time, money, gym memberships or equipment.

Eating healthy likely will cost LESS than eating junk more often than not.

I’ve seen people moan at the cost of fruit, meat & veg yet seen them spend £20 on a takeaway and another £50-100 on a night out getting pissed.

And you can do workouts at home in just 10 minutes that doesn’t require a equipment.Just bodyweight only.

We only do bodyweight training at Bodyfit Academy and on my online programmes.

I highly believe that we either get a result or an excuse as to why we didn’t.

What you gonna get?

Speak soon

Ben Hanbridge


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