Raspberry ketones (the TRUTH)

This seems to be one of the latest fads flying about these days.

Its really scary to think the amount of people who fall for stuff like this. Especially without even looking into it.

And today i’m gonna dive into it and really just tell you the truth.

Usually I just concentrate on rowing my own boat and not get involved or opinionated with faddy BS thats out there. But I think so many people are just falling for this I need to cover it.

I’m gonna try be brief here so we’re not here all day. After all, if you’re anything like me you might read through your emails while on the loo so don’t want to keep you on there all day! haha

Most people are already eating small amounts of raspberry ketones, either from fruit or through their use as a flavourant.

And although it has the word ‘Raspberry’ in the name, the supplement actually doesn’t come from the fruit.

Extracting raspberry ketones from raspberries is insanely expensive, apparently you need around 41kg of of raspberries to get the amount needed for a single dose!

The raspberry ketones you find in supplements are synthetically made via an industrial process and are not natural.

So, let’s talk about the results from it..

Well, Without getting into boring science there have been studies to show its impact on rats, mice and rabbits. NOT HUMANS.

The results were only small. And they actually show that rats who had the supplement ‘gained LESS weight’ when they had a ‘bad’ diet.. it doesn’t show its effectiveness against weight loss.

PLUS the dosages were INSANELY high in the studies. You would need to consume 100 times the recommended amount to get the same dose as the test animals did.

And please don’t try that. It’ll likely kill you. In fact I think one woman who was 24 already died from a raspberry ketone overdose.

I could go on all day about it, but one last thing… It basically has been shown to work (in rats) by raising the levels of a hormone which basically boosts metabolism (without getting into the science).

And you know what else has been shown to increase this particular hormone (but MUCH more) and boost metabolism?


But at this point you might be thinking… “But Ben, I heard about xyz person getting results using it?”.

And that is a good point. Well, its not. But its a good question.

Let’s immediately discard ‘results’ that people selling it show us. Because we all know they are about as fake as can be.

So how about people you might know who ‘got results with them’.

Well, what usually happens when people take supplements like this is that they also eat healthier too.

Maybe even exercise.

So the results weren’t from the supplement. But from the OTHER changes they made.

Makes sense now you think about it, right?

People need to stop looking for this secret magic formula that will get them in shape.

“Here, make this magic potion… you need 10ml of blood from a unicorn, a drop of arm pit sweat from a mermaid and climb up that beanstalk and take a bean from the giant… mix it all together under the night sky of a full moon for 5 hours and then drink it”.

Seriously… people look for ways to massively overcomplicate getting in shape and getting results.

In realty the basics work, and will always work well. Healthy food and exercise.

Problem is that companies can’t make money through this. Plus a lot of people can’t be bothered doing that.

So I usually just let those companies and those people get on and do their thing.

While I help people who actually want REAL results to get them through putting work into changing their lifestyle and actually enjoying the process. without any fad in sight.

This POST may have upset some of the avid ketone users. But thats just the way it goes.

Speak soon

Ben Hanbridge

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