I messed up.. (End of the world?)

So, fairly regularly my clients will ‘mess up’.

And by mess up I mean they might have a small slip up – or even sometimes a big one.

But the thing is that letting one slip up bog you down is crazy. Seriously.

Sure, it sucks. But that doesn’t mean it ruins your whole journey. Just think about it… ONE unhealthy meal won’t ruin your journey just like ONE healthy meal won’t bring you all the results you want. The key is long term consistency.

Let me say that again. Coz’ its important.


Just like you wouldn’t expect raving feedback from your dentist if you brushed your teeth once upon a time.

Think about it.. If you had an insanely hectic day and only managed to brush your teeth once it won’t make your teeth fall out.

Just like going from nothing to just brushing them once one time won’t help you much either.

It needs to be a consistent effort OVERALL.

Now, brushing once per day long term will have an impact, for sure. But not within a one off isolated day.

Same with your fitness & nutrition.

WHEN you slip up (not if)… accept it, learn from it and move on. Don’t let it bog you down and produce any negative energy from it. No point.

Ben Hanbridge

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