I f***ing HATE it…

We’ve all got stuff we hate doing.
For me, it used to be cooking, washing up, and putting everything away.
These days I kinda enjoy it.
Almost as much as the actual eating of the food.
Because I turned something I hated, into something I didn’t mind doing.. and even now ENJOY.
Now I whack on my headphones and bang on Netflix to binge on whatever series i’m hooked on.
I hardly ever sit down and watch stuff.
So I do it while I’m busy doing something else.
Its about turning something you hate into something you love.
You can do the same for many things.
Fitness too.
Most people hate working out.
So you have to figure out how you can turn it into something you love.
Could be the music you train to.
Could be the type of training.
Could be where you do it.
And same principle for nutrition too.
Some people will just tell you to focus on the results.
But thats only PART of it. Because if you HATE the process… you’ll only do it for so long.
So have a think and see how you can apply this to your own stuff.
To turn something you hate, into something you don’t.
Speak soon
Ben Hanbridge
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